SMSF Audit Checklist

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The Information we require for SMSF Audit

We provide an ‘Audit Requirements Guide’ detailing the paperwork we require to complete the SMSF Audit.



We provide to you the SMSF ‘SMSF Audit Checklist’ CLICK HERE – this guide provides you with a list of the documents required for a SMSF Audit.

  • After we receive the ‘Audit Requirements Guide’ document back to us we send you an ‘Engagement Letter’ and ‘Trustee Representation Letter’ to be signed.

We then commence the Independent Audit.

  • We will advise you if we require any additional documents during this time.
  • On completion we will send you your SMSF Audit Report pack.



Once you have completed the ‘Audit Requirements Guide’, together with your documents needed for our audit. We have three options you can send, via the following channels:

  • Scan your attached completed documents via email Click here
    A verification email will be sent to you; or
  • Mail your documents and/or disc to our address CLICK HERE; or
  • Fax your SMSF documents through to 03 9762 5811.

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