Quality Control

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At Growth Auditing Group we perform specialized standards with considerable attention to Quality Control.

We believe in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with both our Customers and Trustees alike. Our Quality Control represents an important part of our day to day operations of the Firm which has enabled us to provide our customers with excellent service and attention to detail. As we evolve these procedures are added to and updated as necessary to take into account installations or implementation of new technology and changes by the Australian Taxation Office.

We believe in achievement of customer satisfaction and are in part attributable to the level of quality that a system of procedures dictates. We therefore have ensured that as demand requires, written policies and checklists have been generated to cover all important processes involved with any project.



Growth Auditing Group ensures that the needs of our customers are correctly identified.

All our documentation which is sent out to our customers are fully cross checked to ensure that it is of good quality and that the costs quoted are correct.

All proposals are discussed in full with the potential client, generally by means of a presentation pack.

Growth Auditing Group is a complete Independent Auditing firm offering specialised auditing solutions in SMSF